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Rules and Regulations

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1 Rules and Regulations on Thu Mar 15, 2012 6:55 am

Rules and Regulations

No Arguing
No Arguing in the chat-box! If you want to argue then do it somewhere else or IC. We do not want arguing in our chat-box okay? Thanks. We don't care what the heck is the reason is just don't fight in the chat-box. You are allowed to do it in PM but notify us if someone went too far. If we ever see fighting in the chat-box, Punishments will be done.

Respect the admins! We do not want to see some disrespecting here. The most important rule in all of roleplaying is….Dun dun dun respect your admins. If a admin has to request for you to stop something twice you get a warning. The first warning is a kick from the chat-box. (If related to the chat-box if not then you will receive a pm to please change what you did.) The second warning will be a ban from the chat-box for a week and a ban from the site for 2 days. Upon not following the second warning your final strikes here. You will not be banned from the chat-box instead you will be IP banned for 4 days. Upon not following the third strike and warning you will be banned permanently. Also, Have respect for your fellow members! They are also a part of the human being so treat them like they are.

No Spamming
We should have a spam topic in the OOC Areas so no spamming on RP areas, Chat-box, etc. As we said, Punishments will be given if we caught you spamming. We don't care if you're bored. Follow the rules kiddo.

You can curse and/or cuss but only mild. I repeat, ONLY MILD. You cannot curse all day off to this member and/or admin. Once we caught you cursing your ass off to another member, Punishments will be received. ESPECIALLY. When you cuss to an admin.

You are only allowed to make 3 character/accounts per person. This is to avoid getting a lot of accounts here and most of them are inactive. So even though you can only have 3, please please please make them active. We will notify you immediately if we decide to mark one of your chars inactive.

Double Posting
No double posting. Double posting is like Spamming for us so no Double posting. If you use the excuse "Oh I need money that's why I double posted" Then too bad sonny. We won't be allowing that. It's okay if you double posted accidentally. We understand. We all make mistakes but make sure to delete the other one afterwards.

STRICTLY NO ONE LINERS. We don't care if you're too lazy or any other excuses just no one liners. You have a minimum of 5-8 lines in a post and if you post, please don't post like 10 + paragraphs. We do not want to read really long posts and We know the other members does not want to read long posts too but it's okay if you really need to make it that long. But be careful, they might end up ignoring some of your actions if you post really long.

No God modding
God modding is not allowed on this site. You can't land every hit on your opponent and dodge every single attack. We don't care if you're char is "too fast and strong" to hit/dodge every attack. We don't care if he's in the military and stuff like that. Just don't god mod. Also, no Metagaming please. We are pretty strict on this rule. We will judge fights by your ranks and if somethings unfair we will ask you to change it. That is if you follow the first suggestion by the admin. Now that we got that settled. If we catch you god modding and ask you to change it and you don’t. Your character will be killed and you have to start a new from a bad spell activating. *innocent look*

Killing someone's char
You can kill someone's char only if you have the person's permission. If you're gonna kill your own character, sure. Don't join a post and go "THIS IS SPARTA!" and killing everyone in that particular topic. We bet everyone will think that you are a fat ass loser who just wants attention. So please refrain from killing someone's char without permission.

Posting order
Make sure to follow the posting order. Ex. 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 and so on and so forth. If one of the rp-ers do not reply within 3 days, you may do anything you want. You may skip him, etc.

Mature stuff
You can make a R18 topic but make sure to add " *M* " in the title and you can only make this OOC. So no Mature stuff IC. IC, You can go kissing but don't go that far.

Have fun
Have Fun guys. If you're bored and want to rp with someone for fun, don't be afraid to ask them. So have fun and enjoy your stay here. We don't want to see some emo guy who stays away from the cbox and not socializing with anyone. We, the staff, want the members of this site to all be friends.

* Punishments -
1st warning
2nd warning
3rd 1 day suspension
4th 1 week suspension
5th Banned.

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