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Spells Template

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1 Spells Template on Sat Mar 17, 2012 8:04 pm

Maximum of 4 free spells for every new member. Afterwords every other spell must be bought and be given an RP sample saying how you learned the new spell. The Training RP must at least contain 100-200 words at the very minimum depending on how strong the spell is.

Name: Name of the technique

Element: What element does it use?

Description: How does it work?

Range: The maximum range of this spell

Post Duration: Post duration means, "How long does this technique last? Especially if it has a lingering effect, such as poison"

Cooldown: The cooldown is the number of posts you must make before using the technique again. Naturally, the more powerful the technique, the higher the cooldown.

Training RP: the 100-200 words description on how you learned this new spell. Remember that your character can learn a new spell at any stage of his life, so it doesn't matter how young or old he/she when they learned this new ability.


[i][u]Post Duration:[/u][/i]
[i][u]Training Rp sample:[/u][/i]Only required if this is NOT one of your first three free spells.

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